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About Us

What we are:
CET-INDIA.ORG is a non-profit website maintained by a handful of ex-CETians to facilitate CET alumni to search and locate other CET alumni. This site also serves as an unofficial website for College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram (since CET doesn't have its own official website), and will continue to be the same until an official website comes into existance. CET-INDIA.ORG hosts information about courses, facilities and news in College of Engineering Trivandrum.

What we are not:
CET-INDIA.ORG is NOT the official website of College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram. CET-INDIA.ORG is neither funded nor patronised either by CET or its authorities. Consequently all information about CET in this site are indicative and not necessarily be authentic.

Origins of CET-INDIA.ORG: The first unofficial website of the College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram, India was set up at http://www.cs.buffalo.edu/~stz/cet/ in March 1996. The site was maintained by Sujit Thomas Zachariah (ECE 1993) and was designed with assistance from Anand Hariharan (EE 1993), Ajith S Mekkoth (AEI 1992) and Joe George Varghese (CSE 1995).

Arising from the need for a permanent website for the college (atleast until the college has an official web server), cet-india account was set up on a commercial server by Sujit Thomas Zachariah and Anand Hariharan.

CET India now: By 2003, entries in the alumni database crossed 1500. The website underwent a major facelift in May 2003 and added features like realtime update of alumni information. Starting from May 2003, Ashwin Pakramzis (MEC 1996) maintains the site.

We have tried our best to make this site as useful as possible to CET alumni. Any suggestions/comments would be welcome, and we will try our best to accomodate them.

Best viewed at 800X600. Send comments and queries to webmaster.cetindia@gmail.com. Read our disclaimer.